Events and Press


  • Ruffaldi E. (2015) Multimodal systems for training in Virtual Environments” Skill training with virtual reality and video-game platforms inside 14th European Congress of Psychology Milano,Italy
  • Ruffaldi E. (2011) Training Rowing with Virtual Environments” The 1st International SKILLS Conference, Montpellier, France
  • Ruffaldi E. (2011) Robot-assisted training in sports: not requested or too challenging?” Mini-symposium on Robotics for Sport Training inside IEEE EMBC Boston,US
  • Ruffaldi E. (2009) “Training sportivo tra realtà e virtuale: il caso del canottaggio”, Sant’Anna Science Cafè, Pisa, Italy (link)
  • Filippeschi A. (2008) “The SPRINT system” at the meeting of the Italian Association of Rowing Coaches, Piediluco, 29-30 November (link).

Demonstrations at events

  • Demonstration at SKILLS International Conference (2011) Montpellier, France
  • Demonstration at IEEE RO-MAN (2010) Viareggio, Italy


  • Italian Association of Rowing Coaches (ANACC) news page (italian).
  • Italian News paper, il sole 24 ore (2012-09-10)