Global adaptive model for prediction, characterization and damping of vibrations in hot strip mills


Aim of this RFCS project was to go a step forward and improve the current situation regarding chatter problems.
It has been achieved by developing a global adaptive model for prediction, characterisation and control of vibrations in hot strip mills that should work efficiently in all chatter situations.

This general target has been obtained by means of the following sub targets:

  • develop and implement in the mill new data based models for prediction of chatter appearance probabilities during rolling the next strip to enter the finishing mill;
  • develop new techniques to detect and characterise vibrations arose during rolling of the strips;
  • develop new sensor and procedure to analyse torsional efforts and vibrations in the spindle system;
  • develop novel strategies and models for a novel damping of chatter in hot strip finishing mills.

Results to be obtained by combining these strategies represents a major step in the hot rolling of strip, in order to satisfy the hot strip market demands towards thinner and harder strips with good surface and thickness performances and contribute to solve the existing chatter problems.

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