Optimisation of finishing processes for eliminating rectification of plate and section products


This RFCS project aimed to develop a detailed understanding of evolution of microstructure and material properties, changes in internal stress/strain fields, flatness and squareness, during hot rectification and cooling of plates/sections.

The project has therefore addressed three primary aims/drivers:

  • elimination of cold rectification processes for sections and plate products through optimisation of cooling and hot levelling processes;
  • minimisation of hot levelling of plates where possible on selected grades through a detailed understanding of microstructure and material evolution during reverse bending (low cycle) and the development of regime maps for optimum hot leveller set-ups;
  • minimisation of cold rectification for products where optimisation of cooling/hot rectification is not sufficient to achieve the level of required final properties.

The aims have been achieved by production trials and mechanical laboratory testing, multi-scale material modelling, development of a new coupled phase transformation and precipitation model, and state of the art characterisation and measurement methods.

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