On-line determination of the CO/CO2 concentration in the OG System in BOF Converter


This RFCS project was a collaboration between ArceloMittal España, MEFOS, SSSA and RWTH IEKH Aachen University and is coordinated by ArcelorMittal España.
The aim of the project has been the development of innovative systems for an on-line measurement of theconcentration of COx and O2 at BOF converters. Based on this measurement it is possible to develop models of the gas extraction system to optimise existing control systems and to act over the OG system deciding to send the gas to the torch or gasholder, depending on the proportion of CO, CO2 and O2.

Two different technologies for OG system gas analysis techniques based in FTIR and Microwave were developed and tested at plant site. FTIR proved to fulfil requirements for on-line measuring but the developed device was not suitable for industrial application due to maintenance and use requirements.
Ways to improve maintenance were defined. The spectra retrieved with Microwave collected during plant trials didn’t resemble spectra from reference databases and theoretical calculations so, on statistical significant level, the results from the trials regarding the presence of Carbon monoxide can therefore not be considered conclusive.

On the other hand, the basis for the integration with the plant automation of the new measuring technique was developed (communication protocol and databases) and the first tests using historical data form current gas analyzers were done in order to develop BOF dynamic control models.

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