Influence of tramp elements (P, Cu, S, Sn) on the Mannesmann effect in the transversal hot rolling of engineering steels


The project was focused to evaluate the influence of the content of some tramp elements on the formation of internal axial microcracks due to Mannesmann effect in the transverse hot rolling of engineering steels.

The analysis of the effect of tramp elements on the formation of internal defects in cross wedge rolling have been carried out through the characterisation of experimental heats of steel grades typically used in hot forging of automotive components. Specific tests to simulate transverse hot rolling have been implemented and performed. Finite element simulation have been also carried out to describe the material behaviour and to predict it in advance. Industrial trials of cross wedge rolling have been performed with material of industrial heats to confirm experimental and software results.

The aim was to obtain the minimum levels of tramp elements that lead to internal defects in CWR depending on the manufacturing parameters (reduction of area, temperature, deformation rate, etc) and steel characteristics (chemical composition, structure and so on).

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