Development of an integrative plant, process and quality supervisorysystem at continuous casting by the intelligent combination of sensors, data analysis and decision support techniques


The main objective of this RFCS project is the development of concepts and components for an integrated plant, process and quality supervisory system taking all relevant measuring devices into account and considering the pre-conditions coming from previous processes as well as the demands and possibilities of following processes.

To realise the above mentioned main objective the following sub-aims are relevant:
• inclusion of modern measurement devices to get more detailed information about the casting process and the cast products;
• intelligent use of plant and process data by innovative application of scientific methods for data analysis and modelling;
• extended exploitation of achieved information to assess the process in terms of stability and efficiency and the cast semis concerning quality and properties;
• support of process control and production planning by integration of decision support tools;
• improving this support by integrating and using information, evaluations and assessments from previous process and production steps to develop a through-process information system.

The application of the suggested supervisory technologies shall lead to increased efficiency of the process chain, higher product quality and decreased production costs.

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