Refinement of flat steel quality assessment by evaluation of high-resolution process and product data

Eval HD

The aim of this RFCS project is to develop an advanced product quality supervisory system for flat steel production based on HR measuring data.

To achieve this ambitious target new methods have to be developed, employing innovative software technologies and modern computation capabilities, tailored to handle the massive amount of data accumulating during the steel production process. A dedicated HR data storage system capable of handling high-performance HR data access not achievable using standard datawarehouse technology will be designed and built. Based on this new quality of data access a modular software system for product quality supervision will be developed supporting standardised network access to product data by definition of a unified web-service. This web-service will be implemented at the industrial sites, providing intuitive visualisations of the current production state and through process synchronization of data coming from different production steps. By cause-and-effect analysis based on HR data increate knowledge about origin and evolution of quality deficiencies shall be gained to improve quality decisions already at early stage.

Conditions for high quality production will be quantified to increase process understanding and optimize the whole production chain towards zero defect production.

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