Process and technologies for environmentally friendly recovery and treatment of scrap


The main objective of this RFCS project is the development of a new innovative method to promote synergetic use of low-value energy rich waste, combined with cleaning and preheating of zinc-containing steel scrap. The low carbon galvanized steels normally used in automotive bodies and appliances are a source of high-quality scrap feed for both BOF and EAF steel production. Although there have been development of technology for removal of the galvanized coatings, the protracted delays in achievement of an economically viable solution have forced most BOF operators to implement alternative methodologies to maintain environmental compliance (EAF operations, with higher dust disposal cost, benefit to some extent from the value of the contained zinc units).

This project focus on development toward a dezincing process that can fit into the economic realities of the costs incurred presently (i.e., loss of yield, inability to recycle the iron units in the dusts/sludges, increasing costs to meet new tighter limits for water and exhaust gas treatment, furnace delays to manage charging emissions).

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