Development of tools for reduction of energy demand and CO2-emissions within the iron and steel industry based on Energy register, CO2-monitoring and waste heat power generation


Aim of this RFCS project is to visualise and evaluate the energy demand and CO2-emissions of production processes within the iron and steel industry and to develop operation tools to reduce energy demand and CO2-emissions as well as optimisation concepts.

Basis is the energetic balancing of selected production processes from the raw material to the finished product within the iron and steel industry. Based on this balancing energetic saving potentials and CO2-emissions will be determined. Besides it will be possible to seize, visualise and evaluate the effects of adjustments in the production processes with regard to energy demand and CO2-emissions. This can be achieved by the systematic recordal and evaluation of all relevant Energy flows (electricity, heat, waste heat, cooling energy, fossil fuels, process gases) and their storage and visualisation in an energy register and holistic CO2-management. Benchmarking with the average of comparable European iron and steel works and parametric studies will disclose influencing factors for plant and process chain efficiency as well as energetic optimisation potentials. Based on this plants and processes with usable low temperature waste heat will be identified. Implementation concepts for power generation from low temperature waste heat in iron and steel works as well as a decision guidance matrix for selection of best suitable waste heat power generation systems for iron and steel works will be developed.

For implementation of the energy register and CO2-monitoring computation models for the recordal of the current state and prognosis will be developed, implemented in software tools and operational tested in integrated steel works. To collect first operational experiences regarding to the power generation from low temperature waste heat systematically investigations of a selected power generation system will be accomplished at a testing facility.

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