Improved monitoring and control of flat steel surface quality and production performance by utilization of results from automatic surface inspection systems


Overall aim of this RFCS project is the improvement of surface quality of flat steel products by the application of advanced, integrated and automatic quality supervision technologies.

To reach this goal the following sub-objectives  have to be reached:

  • more reliable data of ASIS system shall be guaranteed by special performance monitoring systems for ASIS results; definition and calculation of Key Performance Indices (KPI) of surface quality at single production processes to monitor automatically the performance of the plant;
  • realization of a performance monitoring system for the whole processing chain by combination of surface KPI of more than one line; development of integrated solutions for quality supervision based on reliable ASIS results and the different KPIs:
  1. by using different mapping algorithms a system for automatic root cause analysis will be implemented and an advisory system will be developed
  2. ASIS results and surface KPIs will be integrated into existing decision support systems and will improve their accuracy significantly and pave the way for the future development of “automatic coil release” application
  3. the optimization of cleaning coil frequency for a special production mode of high quality HDG products will be used as one application example of the integrated quality supervision solutions).

By the above mentioned objectives the product quality of flat steel regarding surface and the yield of the production chain shall be increased. At the same time production costs shall be reduced.

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