Decisions in Motion: Neural Decision Making in Motion

The research goals of the project "DECISIONS-IN-MOTION" is to describe the neural mechanisms used to guide behaviour in complex visual scenes, in which the living (or animated) agent is in motion and navigates to avoid stationary and/or moving objects. During reporting period P1 we have explored motion-based image segmentation in the visual cortex, and we have begun to derive neural models that explicitly make use of a hierarchy of sensory areas (low-, mid-, high-level visual areas) to extract meaningful information about the location and motion of objects in the environment. One objective of the project is to use the outputs of these units for sensory-based decision-making. This process will weight these inputs and relations between these inputs based on utility functions. The resulting cognitive architecture will be tested in an autonomous robot navigating in complex visual environments to determine the efficiency of the image motion segmentation and goal-directed adaptive behaviour.