Portable Haptic Interfaces


With the term haptics it is intended a set technologies able to elicit in the humans physical perceptions through the sense of touch. Haptics is an emerging human-machine interaction technology that promises to greatly improve the communication capability with Remote and/or Virtual Worlds, adding the sense of touch to the communication channels, beside the conventional ones based on the sense of sight and hearings.

The main research interests on portable haptic interfaces sconcern the development of haptic devices and robotic systems for virtual environments, focusing on the design of portable haptic interfaces.

Portable haptic interfaces capable to display force feedback and tactile information directly on the hand and fingers of the user allow a more natural interaction with highly immersive virtual environment. The development of lightweight portable haptic interfaces involves the miniaturization of the devices by the study of innovative kinematics, the design of compact mechanical solution and the implementation of unconventional actuation systems, such as piezoelectric and SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) actuators.

The research of Massimiliano Solazzi also deals with the kinematic and dynamic optimization of parallel kinematics, the mechanical design of robotic devices and the psychophysics validation of human-robot interfaces. These topics are involved in the development of robotic systems for medical applications and
motor neuro-rehabilitation.

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