Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments

Today, innovation in the field of visualisation and network technologies allows the creation of Virtual Environments where a multitude of users geographically distributed around the world can collaborate on common tasks by means of Virtual Environments and interactive 3D graphics. In this fields, PERCRO investigates and develops new approaches for the management of high complexity models, to allow the necessary real-time interaction and  visual rendering realism capability.
Research is focused, in particular, on the needs of Distributed Virtual Environments. Within the Area, research involves: immersive visualisation systems, high efficiency rendering algorithms for photorealistic or non-photorealistic rendering (illumination, shadowing, ray tracing, shading), geometric data compression (both for storage and transmission), and geometry fidelity for reconstructed 3D models. In the context of visualisation systems, an intriguing challenge is to allow multiple users  to operate at the same time inside the same CAVE-like environment (CAVEs are usually mono-user).
In terms of application fields, there are three topics of particular interest: Industrial processes, Cultural Heritage and Architecture/Archaeology. Scientific topics relevant to these application areas are: the creation of development frameworks able to manage complex 3d models and multimodal interaction, the development of new interactive and non-invasive techniques for the digital acquisition and documentation of artistic manufacts, the design of new interaction paradigms with Virtual Environments. 

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