Intelligent Automation System


Intelligent and Automation Systems Group works on data management, system modelling and control during the human robot interaction.
The group research activities range from the generation of human models from sensor data, through the generation of synthetic behaviors and the control of the interaction in training/learning applications. Group's competences include mechatronic design, system modeling, optimal and robust control, simulation, real time, embedded systems, and machine learning.

With more details, the group current research interest focus on

  • System to identify, classify, model and control human gestures;
  • Semantic interpretation of environmental and human data;
  • Autonomous behaviors in mobile robots;
  • Simulators and active training systems;
  • Optimization of logistic problems;
  • Controllers and interfaces for automotive applications;
  • motion platform, haptics and vestibular systems;
  • Encountered type and wearable haptic control;
  • Hybrid state systems for complex haptic interaction;
  • Design of Controller architectures;
  • Force rendering, physics based generation and control;
  • Body tracking, localization and sensor fusion;
  • Data extraction and machine learning through statistic and probabilistic approaches.
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