Work with us

Work with us 

PERCRO provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, with additional possibilities for post-doc students and internships. 

For inquiries about work and grant opportunities, please contact the relative responsible sending your CV and motivations depending on your interests and background.

Intelligent Automation Systems
Carlo Alberto Avizzano (

Fabio Salsedo (

Human Robot Interaction
Antonio Frisoli (

Computer Graphics and Virtual Enviroments
Franco Tecchia (

Mobile Robotics 
Paolo Villella (

Steel Industrial Automation 
Valentina Colla (

Art, Cultural Heritage and Education
Marcello Carrozzino (

Sensing, Modeling and Learning for Humans
Emanuele Ruffaldi (

Safety, Energy, Environment and Security
Marco Fontana (

Advanced Actuation Technologies and Renewable Energy Robotic Systems
Rocco Vertechy ( 

Portable Haptic Interfaces and Robotics for Rehabilitation
Massimiliano Solazzi (

Mind Sciences
Massimo Bergamasco (

Management & Administration 
Francesa Farinelli (