Besides the visit to the Perceptual Robotic Laboratory in Pisa in the afternoon of October 7th, the workshop is structured on four full days of group work, Alexander lessons and discussions (8, 9, 10 and 11 October). The morning of October 12th will be devoted to the participants transportation by bus to the international airport in Pisa.
Each day will include a morning and an afternoon session consisting of:

  • short presentations from researchers and AT teachers addressing their particular perspectives on the science of intersubjectivity, embodiment, disembodiment, and future technology;
  • work with the engineers on experiments of Alexander Teachers lessons;
  • group lessons, as well as individual Alexander lessons twice a day, for the researchers to refine their first-person perceptions of psycho-physical congruence;
  • world cafĂ© thinking sessions for gathering our collective intelligence on the design of experiments, the development of a scientific intersubjective language for describing the experience, and the potential (as well as the dangers) for future technology.

Please find a copy of the detailed programme, please visit the DETAILED PROGRAMME page.