Organizational Support Team


Elisabetta Sani, Administration and Local Organization 

Federico Vanni, Administration and Local Organization 



Lisa DeAngelis Photo1Lisa DeAngelis, Organizational Coordinator

Lisa is a certified Alexander Technique teacher who trained at the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique in Urbana, IL under the instruction of Joan and Alex Murray. Prior to her certification as a teacher of the Alexander Technique she received a degree in Music Education (voice) from the University of Illinois. She has extensive experience in the areas of child development and early childhood music education as well as a background in performance as a singer. She maintains her private teaching practice which services the downtown and greater Chicago communities and has been pleased to contribute her organizational and planning skills to a number of large scale projects on behalf of the Technique.

james-leifer-photoJames Leifer, Scientific and Technical Program Advisor

James Leifer is a tenured computer scientist at INRIA Rocquencourt and associated with the Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre. The focus of his research is language design for distributed programming and the automatic synthesis of cryptographic protocols. He also explores medical applications of computer systems and is a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician with the French Red Cross, providing emergency care for the Parisian ambulance and fire services. He was a member of the organizational team for the first Embodied Mind Project at CREA in 2012.

voglerMichael Vogler, Alexander Technique Communications Coordinator

He is an engineer and a teacher of the Alexander Technique. He is interested in the work of Shaun Gallagher’s phenomenological interpretation of psychophysical experience. He is an external AT consultant for the CREA Embodied Mind project.

Christophe Farion, Audio-Video Director 

Christophe has worked in audio-video arts and theatre for over 30 years. For the past 6 years he has served as video director and audio mixer for the Caen Theatre, France.

1527 resizedPhilip Nessel, First Cameraman 

Philip is a teacher of Yang’s Taiji Quan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) and The Alexander Technique with a B.A. from the University of Toronto and post-grad work at L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq (Paris). His practice and research concerns the relationship between an organism’s underlying coordination for movement/stillness and it’s sense of self. Since 2008 he has been studying and working with others to build dialogue between contemplative and research scientists and teachers of the Alexander Technique. Specific research interests include the relationship between “body schema” and true readiness potential; the cognitive and affective correlates of kinesthetic education; and 2PN studies of “tonal dialogue” or sympathetic transduction/synchronization responses through touch. Recent writing focuses on reframing the explanatory language of F.M. Alexander’s work in light of developments in contemporary philosophy of mind, contemplative science and the enactive approach to neuro-phenomenology.

Portrait_StephaneRyderStéphane Ryder, Second Cameraman

Stéphane is a 36 years-old French-American teacher of the Alexander Technique living in Paris, France. He completed his 3-year training in 2010 at ETAPP, a STAT-accredited teacher training school located in Paris. He has a private teaching practice in the 13th arrondissement, and is also member of ‘Collectif Technique Alexander Paris’, a collective of teachers of the Alexander Technique who market their services to professionals and educators in the Paris area. Stéphane is also currently the secretary of APTA (the French STAT-affiliated Alexander teacher organisation). In 2012 he directed a project on behalf of APTA to develop a French-language translation of a 20-minute introductory video to the Alexander Technique created by teacher Frederick Lacy in Los Angeles, CA.