Example Projects

These are examples of possible projects for the Course

  • Visualize geneaological Data from Historical Families (see dataformats)
  • Visualize movies about robots (check this)
  • Visualiza papers/authors/reviewrs from Scientific conference (like ICRA 2010. We have data from RO-MAN 2010)
  • Information Visualization based on WebGL, also high level like X3DOM (see http://www.x3dom.org/?p=816)
  • Information Landscapes
  • Present in the Web Browser examples of perceptual illusions and features
  • Exercise on automatic visualization based on content (much like Tableau)
  • Viewer-aware web visualization (distance and Monitor size)
  • Web Spreadsheet for visualization
  • Visualize places of a book
  • Game Books are a type of book related to role playing in which the flow of the story depends on the decision of the reader. There are several of them, but Project Aon is one effort to make available in XML format one of the most famous series Lone Wolf by Joe Darver. Can you imagine a visualization?

Previous Projects

  • Robotic System Visualization (Website)
  • Lexical Distance in Tuscany (ITA) Website
  • Distribution of Names of places in the Decameron


Projects from other courses

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