Motion and Force Analysis

The advances in inertial units, electronics and computing capabilities is allowing the realization of powerful wearable systems for the assessment of motion and force. The aim of this research line is to create systems and tools for performing such an assessment in real-working conditions allowing to identify in advance motions that are unhealty. The final goal is to provide an automatic system for ergonomic assessment that performs motion reconstruction, segmentation, and motion risk assessment.

At current stage PERCRO has created a custom wireless electronic board and the associated software that, through Inertial Motion Units (up to 4) and EMG electrodes (8-32), peforms upper limb motion reconstruction. The ergonomic assessment is performed by automatically creating RULA indexes of the motions performed (Journal paper under review). The results of the motion reconstruction have been integreted with the Robotic Operating System (ROS) and with Unity 3D.

The system is totally portable and it can be also employed in the context of Sport Assessment, Well-being or Virtual Reality based ergonomic assessment.







Workshop Posters

Conference Papers

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Journal Papers


The following video shows the application of the developed technology in the context of a super market.


The following video shows the motion reconstruction tests and the comparison with Vicon in a two-arm context:

Integration with Unity for visual assessment of differences:



This activity has been funded in the context of the Italian Ministry of Health ERGANE "Reinserimento lavorativo di lavoratori affetti da patologie da sovraccarico biomeccanico degli arti superiori mediante riduzione del rischio, trattamento e recupero funzionale – esperienza pilota" (2011-2015).

The second part of the activity (2012-2014) has been funded by Regione Toscana in the context of the FORTEC project called IPAS "Progetto di ricerca per Identificazione e presentazione mobile di anomalie e pattern di segnali multivariati in ambito Industriale".

The current advancements are supported by Telecom Italia as part of the SMOOTI project (2014-2015).

We also acknowledge the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Human Movement Understanding for organizing the ICRA Workshops.


Emanuele Ruffaldi (PI), Alessandro Filippeschi (Postdoc), Lorenzo Peppoloni (PhD)